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5 reasons every professional needs a 2nd phone number

Every professional has specific tools of their trade. But some tools transcend job titles and become essential for anyone who works for a living. Here’s why having a 2nd phone number for business is one of them:

1. Look more professional

Credibility is a combination of experience and expertise. You can’t build a reputation overnight. So if you’re starting out, getting a 2nd phone number for your business is a great first step. It can help you stand out on your business cards, website, brochures, and other materials—all without publishing your personal number. Plus, when you have a professional voicemail, your customers will know they’ve come to the right place.

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2. Better customer service

The more obvious benefit of having a 2nd phone number for work is that whenever it rings, you know how (and when) to answer. For small business owners, providing excellent customer service is crucial. Knowing your business line is ringing gives you an edge over anyone who uses their personal number for work. Just think how many unknown calls to your personal line are left unanswered due to spam concerns. If it was a customer, it was a missed opportunity.

3. Streamline responses

Today, text messaging makes it a breeze to connect with customers, answer common questions, send reminders, and more. Landlines, by definition, can’t text. So having a mobile 2nd phone number for your business is a bonus. That way, you can also communicate in the most popular form of communication there is—all while maintaining a separate and professional identity.

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4. Easy to remember

Picking a memorable business number is a tried-and-true tactic anyone can take advantage of. While vanity numbers can be expensive, being creative is a lot cheaper. When picking a 2nd phone number, try spelling out words associated with you or your business. Simple number combinations also help. If your customers are local, having a recognizable area code can even make your business feel more approachable.

5. Separate work from life

Having a 2nd phone number for business is the easiest way to keep work and personal communication separate. It’s an organizational tool. Work call and text logs are in one place. Personal is in another. After all, the line between work and personal life can be blurry. Offices can be at home. Colleagues can be close friends. Jobs can become a family business. And so on. Finding the right balance can be a challenge, but when it comes to communication, equilibrium is all about having a dedicated work number.

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