SMS short codes on your Sideline 2nd number

We are always listening to feedback about how we can improve Sideline for you. One thing we heard from users is that they had trouble receiving texts from short code numbers, such as security verification codes and brand promotions. Since our goal is to give you a 2nd number that’s as reliable as your 1st, we knew SMS short code support needed to be addressed. Your Sideline number can now receive texts from 8000 short codes, giving you over 95% coverage in the U.S.

What is a short code?

Even if you’re not familiar with SMS short code messages, you’ve probably received one. Short codes are the 5- or 6- digit numbers that businesses such as airlines, banks, and social media sites use for one-way communications like text notifications and security verifications.

Sideline and SMS short codes

Sideline users receive thousands of short code messages a day. According to our data, Sideline users get the most messages from a wide variety of sources, like:

  • Facebook
  • USPS
  • GovDelivery
  • Nixle
  • Google Info Alerts

Now, thanks to the expanded short code service, your Sideline number is as reliable as your primary one. You won’t miss out on any of the important texts you need to receive to keep your day running smoothly, like package delivery or social media message notifications.

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