New year’s resolutions for small business owners

2019 has arrived! A new year provides a fresh opportunity to set goals that are geared to bring your small business to the next level. Setting some good, old-fashioned New Year’s resolutions is an excellent way to make concrete business plans and hold yourself accountable. Here are 5 New Year’s resolutions for small business owners… Continue reading

Customer referral tips for small businesses

People trust that the people close to them will give good recommendations and they actually act on those recommendations. There’s big potential in this for businesses like yours. According to recent studies, referred customers are more loyal and have a 16% higher lifetime value. So, how do you motivate customers to spread the word and… Continue reading

4 productivity tips for small business owners

If you own a small business, you know “busy”! The average business owner reports having only 1.5 hours of uninterrupted, productive time each day. When your attention is divided, it’s easy to feel like your to-do list just keeps growing with endless small tasks. Or you may have the eerie feeling that you’re forgetting to… Continue reading

Getting started with your 2nd number | Sideline

If you’re on this blog post, you probably recently downloaded Sideline to get a 2nd number on your phone. Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! With Sideline, you get more than just a 2nd number, you get a communication tool that can help you save time, better serve customers, and grow your business. Here are a… Continue reading

Customer management for small business owners: The power of organizing your customer list

Small business owners constantly tell us one of their biggest pain points is efficiently storing and maintaining customer information. Customer management is a headache when they store portions of customer lists in different locations, such as personal phone contacts, email inboxes, and Excel sheets. Some even keep it old-school and just have their customer information… Continue reading

Receive more SMS short codes on your Sideline 2nd number

We are always listening to feedback about how we can improve Sideline for you. One thing we heard from users is that they had trouble receiving texts from short code numbers, such as security verification codes and brand promotions. Since our goal is to give you a 2nd number that’s as reliable as your 1st, we… Continue reading