Customer management for small business owners: The power of organizing your customer list

Small business owners constantly tell us one of their biggest pain points is efficiently storing and maintaining customer information. Customer management is a headache when they store portions of customer lists in different locations, such as personal phone contacts, email inboxes, and Excel sheets. Some even keep it old-school and just have their customer information… Continue reading

Receive more SMS short codes on your Sideline 2nd number

We are always listening to feedback about how we can improve Sideline for you. One thing we heard from users is that they had trouble receiving texts from short code numbers, such as security verification codes and brand promotions. Since our goal is to give you a 2nd number that’s as reliable as your 1st, we… Continue reading

3 customer re-engagement tips for small business owners

Your customers are the reason you get to do what you love day in and day out. But are you letting them know you appreciate them for that? Customer re-engagemtn can be simply periodically calling, texting, and emailing to show them some love. When people feel appreciated and engaged with your business, they are more… Continue reading

Small business marketing: The power of re-engaging your customers

Have you ever gotten a reminder from your car mechanic that your vehicle is due for maintenance? Or a travel site or airline that you’ve used encouraging you to book your next getaway with them? If you have, then you’ve received a customer re-engagement message. Customer re-engagement is key to successful customer relationships A growing… Continue reading

How to make your small business more responsive with Auto-Reply

These days, people can easily search and find your small business. Which is great! But it’s just as easy to reach your competitors if you’re not available. That means every unanswered call, delayed response, or missed connection can cost you valuable customers. We know you’re busy. And with Sideline, that’s okay. Auto-Reply makes it so… Continue reading

SMS for your customers: 10 tips to make business texting work for you

For most people, texting is their primary vehicle for personal communication. It’s also the fastest-growing customer engagement channel for businesses. In fact, 9 out of 10 Americans would rather text a business than call. But before sending clients any LOL- or emoji-clad messages, use these business texting etiquette rules to ensure you sound like a… Continue reading

5 reasons every professional needs a 2nd phone number

Every professional has specific tools of their trade. But some tools transcend job titles and become essential for anyone who works for a living. Here’s why having a 2nd phone number for business is one of them: 1. Look more professional Credibility is a combination of experience and expertise. You can’t build a reputation overnight…. Continue reading

Transforming business: The history and future of the phone

While the telephone has changed a lot since its invention, its original purpose remains the same—to connect people who aren’t in the same place. Ironically, they can have the opposite effect these days, but that’s another story. From Morse code to software code, the phone has a long and intimate history in our work and… Continue reading

Shinesty is the clothing company that can’t be unseen

Establishing a clear brand identity is important for small businesses to stand out and reach the next level of success. Online clothing company Shinesty infuses its brand identity, in all its outlandish glory, into every aspect of its business. We sat down with Jens Nicolaysen, Co-Founder and CMO of Shinesty, to hear how this clothing line rapidly… Continue reading