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We know every small business owner has a unique story about what led them down the path of entrepreneurship. Hearing these stories from people who use Sideline inspires us and we hope they will inspire you too. Recently, we sat down with Rebecca Warnock, owner of Body Bronzing by Becca, to hear what motivated her to become a business owner in Savannah, Georgia.

This isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing Rebecca. She helped us test some of our new business communication tools, so she’ll be featured again later on in our Project Reach journey.

Q: What led you to become a small business owner?

A: I started working at the salon as a side job in 2003. The original owner of the business trained me, and we planned to run the business together until she had a stroke. I ran things for her throughout her recovery, but after a while, we decided it would be best if I bought the business from her. I became the owner in 2016. It’s been a great adventure that all came from saying ‘yes’ to an unexpected opportunity.

Q: What motivates you?

A: What really motivates me about this business is helping people to feel better about themselves because they have a little glow and brightening that doesn’t come from harmful UV rays. I’m passionate about educating my customers about healthy alternatives to tanning.

Since we started using Sideline, it’s really lowered my stress level.

Q: How long have you been using Sideline?

A: I’ve been using Sideline for about two years. It’s actually the salon’s primary line. We converted our landline into the app. It’s great because it gives us the flexibility to not only have phone calls with customers but to also send reminder texts and promotional messages.

Since we started using Sideline, it’s really lowered my stress level. I know I’m not missing out on important customer communications when I’m busy working with another customer, thanks to Sideline’s Auto-Reply text to missed calls feature. It’s also made things easier on my customers because they know they can reach out to me anytime via text and they’ll get a response.

Q: Speaking of your customers, how does Sideline help you provide them with better service?

A: As I mentioned, Sideline allows me to instantly respond to a missed call. I can answer anywhere, anytime, if I do happen to miss a call because Auto-Reply is there to back me up. Auto-Reply leaves customers with the impression that they’re important and that I want to connect with them.

Texting my customers also helps me provide a higher level of customer service. I can send them messages to let them know where we’re located, ask for reviews, and just keep in touch with customers to keep them coming back in the door.

Sideline empowers me with freedom—freedom to really enjoy being a business owner.

Q: How has Sideline empowered you as a small business owner?

A: Sideline empowers me with freedom—freedom to really enjoy being a business owner. I don’t feel like I have to be at the office to have a business phone call or schedule client appointments. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can put the phone down to take meetings and connect with my customers in person without missing opportunities to serve new and returning customers.

Q: What are your future goals or dreams for your business?

A: My dream for this business is to help people with all different skin tones and skin types look at themselves and appreciate who they are.

One day, I’d like to expand and add mobile services or other locations so I can really meet people where they are and make their tanning experience as easy as possible.

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