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5 ways to use your second number for privacy

Privacy. It’s why we lock our doors, close the blinds, and have passwords for everything. Privacy measures, large and small, create a layer of separation between you, and whoever shouldn’t access certain parts of your life. So we’ve compiled a list of ways to protect your privacy with a number.

Here are 5 times you should use your second phone number instead of your personal number:

1. With clients, customers, or colleagues

You don’t need, nor necessarily want, people you work with to have your personal number, especially if you have a high volume of clientele that comes and goes. Achieving the proverbial work-life balance takes more than time management skills—it takes a clear separation of business and personal communication. Unless you prefer carrying two phones, using Sideline is a cost-effective and easy way to do this. Sideline’s patented caller ID screen lets you know at a glance a work call is coming in, and you can even set unique ringtones for Sideline calls and texts so you know instantly if your personal or work number is ringing.

During work hours, when your personal number rings, you can decide whether it’s an appropriate time and place to answer a personal call. Alternately, when your Sideline rings, you know it’s a client or coworker and can answer (or not answer) accordingly. For instance, on nights and weekends, you can let business calls be handled by your work-specific voicemail greeting or Auto-Reply messages so you can focus on friends or family. Also, by giving work contacts your Sideline number, you’re creating an extra layer of privacy. If any customers or colleagues start to abuse their access to your Sideline number, you can block them. Additionally, if you work in an industry where it’s imperative or legally required to keep client info confidential, turn off message previews for Sideline notifications to ensure that private client messages stay that way.

2. Promoting yourself or your small business

When you use Sideline for business, you don’t have to worry about which phone number you put on business cards, websites, flyers, emails, or other marketing materials. You’re free to promote yourself without bombarding your personal number with calls from unknown numbers. You know that when unknown numbers are calling your Sideline number, they are likely prospective customers, so you want to answer.

With Sideline, you can set up a work-specific voicemail greeting that mentions your company name rather than your name–another way to keep your identity safe.

3. Buying or selling online

Unlike traditional online shopping, transactions on Craigslist, eBay, or Letgo, often happen with a real person in your local community. Meeting up to exchange a product takes coordination. And coordination requires communication. While most people buying or selling online are perfectly nice people, it’s always a safe bet to use your Sideline number.

4. Dating apps or websites

It’s never been easier to filter through potential suitors. You swipe, you match, you chat. But at some point or another, the next step is meeting up in person. If a messaging relationship does go south, it never hurts to have a plan. Using a second number for dating gives you everything you need to put yourself out there—without putting your personal number out there. Just swipe left to block any creepers that don’t seem to get the hint.

Hopefully, you find your soulmate. If you end up meeting the one and don’t want to end up getting unwanted messages from former flings, but you do still want a Sideline number for business, you can, if necessary, change your number.

5. Online forms and social profiles

Privacy concerns online are a hot topic these days. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and even social security numbers get thrown around a little too loosely. So next time you fill out an online form or social media profile, think twice about using your personal phone number. Once your personal number is out there, it can easily fall into the wrong hands. And the internet has no shortage of trolls, creeps, and unsavory characters. When in doubt, protect yourself with a second phone number.


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