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3 tips for achieving work-life balance with Sideline

As technology changes, the line between work and personal life can be blurry. Offices can be in your home. Coworkers can be friends or family. Striking the right work-life balance can be a challenge. Here are 3 tips for keeping your business communication organized and separate with the help of Sideline, your work-life balance solution.

1. Spread the word

Once you get your dedicated work number, one of the first steps is letting your business contacts know you have a new number. Sending texts from your Sideline number is a quick way to inform your contacts and start populating your Sideline inbox. Once your inboxes are separated, you won’t have to worry about texting something meant for your cousin Bob to your customer Bob.

When your Sideline number rings, you’ll know it’s a client or customer calling and can answer accordingly. 

2. Use different text and ringtones

If you want to stay productive and undistracted, it can be extremely helpful to set different text and ringtones for your main number and your Sideline number. That way you can distinguish which number is ringing without even looking. You can feel confident you’re not missing a customer call when you decide to let a personal call go to voicemail. When your Sideline number rings, you’ll know it’s a client or customer calling and can answer accordingly.

3. Set up “business hours” for work-life balance

A 2nd number makes it almost too easy to stay in work mode, answering customer calls and texts when it should be your personal time. Setting “business hours” is so key to achieving a good work-life balance, and Sideline helps set those boundaries for you. When you enable Auto-Reply and let Sideline respond to missed calls and inbound texts during your after hours. You won’t have to worry about calls and texts slipping through the cracks. Customers feel heard and know when you’ll get back to them. And you get to enjoy some well-deserved time off with friends or family.

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Header Image: Ridofranz via iStock