Highlighting customers: Building a user-focused website

Unlike a typical website redesign project, this was much more than a fresh coat of paint.  Sideline’s new website shifts the focus from what Sideline is, to what it does for our customers.  That’s why we’re putting them at the center of everything we do.

Connecting with Sideline customers

At the beginning of this project, we traveled coast-to-coast to talk to our customers, like Leigh (aka: Scone Diva) pictured above, and hear how they were using Sideline to make their businesses a success. We ended up learning that Sideline is much more than a 2nd number to these individuals and businesses. It’s transforming how small businesses connect with their customers. It’s empowering unsung professionals with previously inaccessible tools. And above all, Sideline’s helping people pursue their passions.

As we talked with more and more of our customers, it became clear that sharing their real-life stories was the best way to share the real-life benefits of Sideline. This approach also made us rethink the role Sideline plays in the lives of everyone who uses it. We decided we don’t want to only be your phone solution or just another communication app, but a partner that helps you start, run, grow, and succeed.

Above all, Sideline’s helping people pursue their passions.

Building a community

Featuring our customers on Sideline’s new website is one example of this. But that’s just the beginning. This blog, our social media channels, and the Sideline product itself will continue moving forward with a new sense of purpose. That purpose is to support the work you all do. Your success is our success. You inspire us to build the best product experience we possibly can. And we can’t wait to see what you will accomplish next.

We’re excited to share our journey with the Sideline community on this blog, and we look forward to sharing yours.

Get Featured!

We’re always looking for new professionals to feature throughout our website and blog. If you are a Sideline user and want to share your story, fill out the form below for a chance to have your business featured!

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