Sideline’s website and some of our unconventional customers

Sideline’s website hadn’t changed much since we launched in 2016. Since it was overdue for an update, we gave it a good one, and maybe an unconventional one at that.

Not just a new look, a new focus

If you look around, you’ll notice:

  • The new Homepage puts our customers first, which is a philosophy we’re extending beyond the website and into everything we do.
  • Much of the site focuses on the real-life Benefits that customers we are featuring get from Sideline. And those benefits preview each customer’s story which we continue to tell in other pages.
  • We made it easier to learn about Sideline’s core Features by presenting actual examples of how customers are using them.
  • The new Stories section is where we fully tell the inspiring customer stories that we begin to tell on the Homepage and Benefits page. Over time, we aim to feature new and different people throughout the website and the blog. Send us a note if you’d like us to feature you!
  • There’s a new blog, which you’re reading right now (thanks for stopping by). Here, we’ll be posting regular articles with helpful tips, updates, and news. So check back in from time to time.

Sideline’s Unconventional Homepage

An unconventional route

On top of all that, you might notice that Sideline’s homepage feels a tad unconventional. If you peruse the internet, many company websites lead with a pithy description of their product or service. Our website leads with our customers, who run some unconventional companies themselves.

It’s our unconventional customers who inspired us to try doing things a little differently.

Leigh (aka: Scone Diva), for example, built an entire business by changing how scones are traditionally made. She makes them a little smaller. She makes them with unique ingredients. She bakes in clever flavor combinations. And she makes them tasty.

It’s our unconventional customers who inspired us to try doing things a little differently. Have a look around and meet some of them. If you’re interested, you can read more about our website inspiration from our VP of Design.

Get Featured!

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