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Project Reach Episode 3: Testing our hypothesis

You may have heard we’ve been developing new business communication tools to help you save time, better serve customers, and grow your business.

The idea for these new Sideline Pro Beta tools came about as we traveled the country talking to our customers about their businesses. As with any hypothesis, we wanted to test its validity before making any assumptions. Our goal was to see if our ideas were something people would actually find valuable and turns out, the small business owners and entrepreneurs we talked to thought we were onto something good!

What we did

We created simple demos so users could get a feel for how these tools might function. We wanted to walk small business owners through the demos, answer questions, and learn how these features might help their day-to-day routines. To conduct these interviews, we partnered with an independent researcher named Ingrid Ryan, who specializes in qualitative consumer research. She talked to entrepreneurs across the country, some who were already using Sideline and some who were not.

Her conversations with small business owners gave us valuable insights into how they communicate with customers, some of the problems they experience when doing so, and how our proposed new tools might help.

“I’m very confident saying that what you’re offering is a slam dunk” – Ingrid Ryan

What we learned

The feedback Ingrid received about the new features was overwhelmingly positive.Small business owners saw the new tools as a way to:

  • Provide better customer service
    Become more approachable, personable, and accessible when it comes to customer interactions.
  • Save time
    Streamline their processes with a simple tool they can use on the go.
  • Make more money
    Automatically generate leads, build better customer relationships, and get more repeat business from existing customers.

Ingrid is usually very cautious when assessing results, but after talking with so many small business owners, she felt the new features were a “slam dunk.” And so, we started building them!

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About the Sideline Pro Beta

We hope you’ll follow along throughout our Project Reach development journey or even contribute your thoughts, ideas, and help us build a product that solves your problems. What’s in it for you? We predict you’ll get more new and repeat customers. With more customers, we predict you’ll be more successful. Sign up below to help prove these theories right.
The beta version of these new tools will only be available on iOS initially. But don’t worry Android users, we’re working on developing this for you also and we’ll keep you updated on our progress. The new features will be free to test out while they are still in beta. Once we’ve perfected the product, we will offer them as a premium tier of service within the Sideline app, at which point you’ll be asked if you would like to choose to upgrade to keep using the new features.

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