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One number, multiple phones: Team Number

If your business is made up of a small team, chances are you all wear many hats when it comes to daily tasks. One of those hats is probably a customer service representative, responsible for customer communications and questions. Handling customer interactions can be complicated, especially if you don’t have a designated phone system or your team is not tied to a desk all day. You’ve probably spent a lot of time wondering or researching what options you have for a small business phone system.

Let Sideline’s Team Number be your small business phone system

Phone systems where all phones ring at once were once only accessible by large companies with dedicated customer service teams. But those days are gone. Mobile professionals and small businesses now have access to this same capability thanks to Sideline’s Team Number feature.

use team number for your small business phone system

Team Number is a shared phone number and inbox that team members can access on their own cellphones. It allows your entire team to stay up to date with (and have access to) customer communications. No more wondering who called or texted a customer back, with Team Number everyone can access this information on the go.

By using Team Number, you can build processes that make teamwork easier and businesses more efficient.

How Team Number works

The first step in using Team Number is deciding which team members need access to the number. Only one person is the owner and master administrator of the Team Number. Once you’ve added team members, here’s what everyone on your team can do:

  • Answer calls.
    When customers call, the phone will ring for every one added to the number and anyone can answer. This makes your team more responsive, which means fewer missed calls and fewer missed opportunities.
  • Listen to voicemails.
    If you do happen to miss a call, and the customer leaves a voicemail, anyone on the team can listen to the message.

texting customers from team number

  • Send text messages
    Perhaps your customers prefer communicating via text. Anyone on the team can send a message from the Team Number, making for a seamless customer experience.
  • Review communication history
    Use the shared inbox to take a look back at all customer interactions so no detail is overlooked. Each call or text is labeled with the name of the team member who handled each communication, so you know who to talk with if there are any future questions.

Team Number is a useful tool for small businesses in need of a phone system to help multiple team members handle customer communications.

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